A Reason to Start

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there. What’s so special about them? Does it bring pride to the person who wrote it? Does it make others feel accomplished or “warm and fuzzy inside?” What is it about blogging that makes others want to explore this virtual pixel world?

For me, personally, I’m here to write.

As a Professional Writing college student, I have experience in writing. I’ve written my own blog for a class before (though I’ve stopped writing for it since the class ended). I also have a more personal blog for my religious discovery.

So why create a new blog on a new site for a new purpose?

Well… Why the hell not?

As an upcoming writer, there are many, many platforms for which to feed my hunger to learn and grow in the profession that I want to take part in. Not only are there publishing companies and newspaper companies that I could potentially be part of, but there’s this wide, wonderful world of blogging that I can explore.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been exploring various writing blogs and have decided that I wanted to start my own.

Is it a risky move? Maybe. Will I benefit from it? Possibly. Will others be interested in it and also benefit from it? I hope so.

So here’s where I start my new blog. I hope to talk about what it’s like to be a Professional Writing student, the classes I’ve taken and what I’ve gained from them, and possibly even give my own advice as to the writing process and how young and upcoming potential writers, such as myself, can find the muse and inspiration they need when the world seems to be crashing down all around them.

For now, I just want to get through this holiday season and jump into next year. And sleep. Sleep is good.


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