Christmas Gifting: The Write Way

It’s Christmas Eve and soon Santa will be making his way down the chimney.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I did last week. If you’re like me and wanted to get your shopping done early, congratulations! All that’s left now is to eat all that party food your family is going to be making and open up some gifts.

But if you haven’t finished shopping yet, do you still need some ideas? Do you have a writer or English student in your life who’s always looking for a new book to read? Or how about someone who wants to become an English teacher?

Gift cards. Gift cards are always a fantastic gift that you can give to that special someone in your life. Giving a Barnes and Noble or Amazon gift card to that bookworm will make them smile with joy. I know, for me, that I would love to get $100 worth in B&N gift cards. I actually already have about $50 early from my fiance and my aunt.

From both B&N and Amazon you can get someone a tablet, whether it be a Kindle or a nook, the reader in your life will appreciate it. Yes, there’s a big controversy as to whether or not eBooks are hindering or helping the book industry, but just think about it: you have access to thousands of books all on one device, many of them free, and some at very reasonable and cheap prices.

I personally have a nook Simple Touch and I love it for the purpose of being able to have x amount of books that don’t take up extra space on my shelf. Of course I still buy paper books and love the smell and feel of them, but it’s nice to be able to have a library in the palm of my hand.

Even “office” supplies are a great gift for that soon-to-be teacher in your life. They always need extra pencils, pens, markers, paper, and other tools to make it through the day.

So if you’re still Christmas shopping last minute just remember that the reader, teacher, and writer in your life will always appreciate a book (or a gift card).

Also, let’s not forget what Christmas is about. It’s not just about the gifts and the food, but it is about spending time with family and celebrating the life of Christ. We lose the meaning, but hopefully we can all find the happiness and joy of Christmas like we used to have as children.

Have a safe and healthy and wonderful Christmas everyone!


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