Resolutions Before the New Year

It’s New Year’s Eve and there’s two minutes left before the ball drops.

You’re standing in the crowd in NYC and you’re staring up at the ball, wondering what you should make as your New Year’s Resolution.

Now, I know it’s really not New Year’s Eve yet, but this has been on my mind lately so I figured I should share.

Instead of making empty promises, why not make a creative one? For me, my typical resolution is to “get healthier and lose weight.” It’s always an empty promise because I have yet to hold myself up to that resolution. One day I will, but I know making the same one over and over isn’t going to change anything until I do something about it.

So this year, instead of the healthy one, I’m making a resolution to be creative.

I don’t just want this year to be full of ups and downs and depression. No. I want this next year to be full of creativity, of showing my skill in writing and art, and reading lots and lots of books. All for fun.

I’m so used to trying to make others happy, but I’ve been slowly realizing more and more the closer I get to graduating from college is that I need to do things for myself. I need to make myself happy before I can make others happy. Yes, it’s important to me to work the opposite, but I need to start living my realization and start living for myself.

So this year I hope to delve deep into creativity. I hope to be able to enhance my writing skills, write and submit more work to the online magazine for my school, and just do more things for fun that stimulate my brain and make me happy. That includes reading for fun. Reading for school isn’t fun because a lot of the time the texts are long and strung out and boring. I hope that I can counterbalance that with some books that I like.

What about you? Do you have any resolutions you’ve made yet? Have you thought about making a creative one where you utilize your writing and art skills like me, or maybe you have other talents like fixing computers or making things with your hands that you want to make a resolution about?

I hope that what ever you come up with for your resolution, if you make one, you’ll be happy with and you’ll stick with until the year is over.


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