Bring Your Characters to Life

We’ve all heard about cosplaying before and how much of a popular subculture it has become in the last ten years or so. People get very enthusiastic about going to conventions, often called Cons, and dressing up as their favorite character from a TV show, book, movie, etc. The ability to be able to dress up for a few hours (or days, depending) as someone other than yourself is thrilling for some people.

Have you ever thought about cosplaying your own characters, though?

Think about it: you know your own character inside and out, their likes, their dislikes, their favorite toy/movie/season, and you how they look. Why not dress and act like them for a day?

This may sound silly, but if you think about it, this can actually help in your writing process when you are writing a story – especially if you’re in the character development phase.

If you have a dashing young man from England in the 1920s who wears a fedora and pantsuit, then wear a fedora and pantsuit and try to walk, talk, and act like him. If you have an older woman who is run down and beat from her workplace, but loves to go home and cook, try your hand at cooking (just don’t set the place on fire!) by also dressing how she would dress, act as she would, etc.

It can be a fun experience, all you have to do is try it out. If you don’t know exactly what you are going to do, that’s okay. You can be yourself but only act certain ways around the house, at the local cafe, at school, or anywhere you want. Pick one location and “play” how your character would act in that one location.

I think I might even try this for myself and post my findings later on!

Experiment! Don’t be afraid to look like a fool – it’s not really “you” who’s doing it!

If you’ve done this before, or if you are going to do this, let me know what happened!

4 responses to “Bring Your Characters to Life

  1. Wow! this is such a good idea! Nothing like getting into the mind of your character. I bet this would be so much fun, plus you get to really know how your characters feel, act, and talk

    • That’s exactly the point! That way you can act out how your character would react to certain situations, food, etc. I kind of want to do this, but I need to pick a character first!
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Surprisingly, this also teaches you a lot about yourself since you have to face your own biases and insecurities as a person in order to put them aside when you’re “in character.” After doing this for years, I can tell you, it changes you!

    • Oh wow! I do agree, though, that if you personify someone else you’ll be able to learn more about yourself and possibly even learn things you didn’t think you were capable of until you experimented with this type of project.

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