Monthly Writing Challenge: May 2014

Welcome to May Day! It’s the beginning of May and we hope that all these April showers will bring some May flowers, but that may not happen anytime soon. Any who, time for the monthly writing challenge!

  1. The theme this month: end of school excitement.
  2. You can reply to the prompt anytime during the month!
  3. Keep your content rated up to PG-13, please!
  4. 100-750 words for the prompt should be good, I think.

Okay, so here’s the prompt:

You’re in a class in high school, and you’re a senior, and the stupid bell won’t ring. You’ve only been staring at it for the past, oh, hour, and you only have another five minutes left before the bell rings. You can feel the anticipation in the classroom as the teacher tries his/her hardest to get the attention of the class, but to no avail. As you continue to stare at the clock you think about all that you plan on doing this summer: from preparing for college or trying to get a job, to hanging with friends at the beach and going on trips, you’ve got it all figured out. Tell me your thoughts and plans for the summer, plus tell me what happens when that bell finally rings.

Leave a comment with your prompt response! Have fun and enjoy!


2 responses to “Monthly Writing Challenge: May 2014

  1. route2detour

    The thin needle thickens, bloats even as it rises. Father pushes it up through the fabric of time so slowly it turns the space between myself and the door to miles — miles and miles. So far the oak door turns to a grain of sand, a tiny mountain pulled down. Behind that spec is another and another that fans under the fins of a bass flitting between patches of grass. The needle curves to a hook of thin sparkles. The bass turns quick to the shine and SNAP — again a black needle cutting through the twelve. My hand touches the door, my car key, my car door, my car key, my steering wheel, my shifter, my steering wheel, my shifter, my key, my car door handle, my trunk handle, my tackle box, my rod, my line, my hook, my reel.

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