Have you ever wondered just what was waiting?

There is much that is unknown in this world

That was we are afraid to discover.

But why should we be afraid? What’s the point?

There is nothing to fear in this world.

There may be darkness and shadows,

But there is always a light. There is always something.

Take a look around you and you will find

That you’re not alone in the unknown.


Crisp Air

A crisp freshness permeates the air

It almost stings your nose as you breathe in.

Hats have started to decorate our hair

And warm sweaters and scarves have been in.

The leaves begin to change color and shed

From the trees that they have so dearly clung to.

The small and large animals begin to make their beds

Preparing for the cold that is to come soon.

As the autumn comes and starts to make its way

We can all expect it will not stop just yet,

But as we listen to the calmness in the day

And maybe meet someone we’ve never met,

We can have something to look forward to

As the days grows shorter and colder, too.