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Reaching Your Potential As A Writer

We all have moments of doubt about ourselves, our abilities, our emotions, etc. We all have felt what it’s like to suffer and struggle through times of pressure and stress to either reap the benefits and rewards or the catastrophes that ensue. We don’t all feel 100% like we can do something 100% of the time.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something.

Writing is a skill and it is an art. Like all great art forms it takes time and practice to perfect it. I’m not claiming to be a know-it-all or authority about writing, because I’m not, but I still do have my own opinions like any person would.

So cast away your doubts! Cast away all those fears you have about writing your first manuscript or your first poem. You have potential as a writer, just like all of us.

How can you reach your potential as a writer?

  • Just start writing. You may or may not like what you’ve written, but you have to start somewhere. Don’t delete or erase anything and don’t throw it away. Your first “masterpiece” (or attempt thereof) can be something you look back on to see how much you’ve grown as a writer.
  • Read! Yes, reading! You know those magical tomes of information and fantastical stories that can come to life in your imagination? Reading is actually a great tool in helping you write because you can adapt your own form of writing by looking at how authors write their novels.
  • Don’t let the critics get you down – they’re there to help! Sending out work to friends isn’t always a great idea because they may not want to hurt your feelings, so find a professor or a copy editor online who may be able to read and proofread your work. Always ask for their honest opinion!
  • Write every day. It seems like a hard task, but if you write every day for just ten minutes a day, your writing will improve immensely. You don’t have to write intricate and elaborate sentences that stretch on for miles; even making a list of points that you want to improve in your writing will help.
  • Writer’s block is just a myth. You can overcome writer’s block by doing a writing exercise every day. There are a variety of different types of exercises that can work both the left and right sides of your brain, I recommend reading “Your First Novel” by Laura Whitcomb and Ann Rittenberg.
  • Accept that you might fail. This is a tough thing for anyone to accept in any aspect of life. Don’t be afraid that what you’re working on may not fit the requirements or preferences of someone you’re writing for. It’s okay! Remember that you can always improve it.

There are more ways to reach your potential as a writer, just do a general Google search of how to do it and you’ll get tons of results. There are no specific right or wrong ways because you really have to find what works for you. One way may work for one person but not another.

Just remember that you have to keep your head up and you have to keep on writing. You’re not a writer if you don’t write!


What ways have you tried to continue to reach your potential as a writer? How do you keep moving forward? Leave a comment and let me know!