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The Magic of Books Before Bedtime

It’s no wonder that it can be overwhelming in today’s world.

From keeping up with schedules, to finishing things for work, to running around trying to catch the kids, to feeding the husband (or your cat); it can be a stressful day, and night, so what do you do? It can be nearly impossible to find the time to wind down and just enjoy yourself in the solitude of your own room or area of the house with the chaos that surrounds and fills every pore in your body.

The thing is, when you finally do have the time to wind down and just relax, you’re wiped out and can barely keep your eyes open long enough to use the toilet once more before going to bed.

But have you ever thought of changing your schedule around so that you have time to read before sleep? According to this article by Megan Kaplan on Upwave, “Winding down to sleep mode begins with calm, relaxed activities, like curling up with a book, writing in a journal or taking a hot shower — whatever slows you down.”

And it’s true! If you feel that you haven’t had exactly the best night’s sleep in a while, you’ve probably hadn’t had the time to wind down with something that can relax you.

Curling up with a good book – or a horrible one – can relax your brain and muscles because you aren’t looking at “blue light” or something that stimulates the brain, such as a computer or TV.

Not only do books not emit blue light to make you want to stay up for hours on end even though you’re exhausted, they’re also filled with words that you can use your imagination to see. The thing with modern technology is that, in many aspects, it’s been taking away our imagination and our creative ways. As children we would read books without pictures because they were an escape or a way to go on new adventures without ever leaving the couch at home.

Try that now as an adult. You might feel as though you aren’t doing it right or you’re out of touch, but even the most avid readers have their own “dry spells” that they deal with.

Here’s a few tips to think about before you go to sleep tonight:

  • Turn off the TV, dim the lights to a safe reading level, and pick up a book or eReader. (Do not use a phone or HD tablet for this as those devices can still emit a blue light effect.)
  • Make a schedule. You want to be able to have the time to read before bed, so make sure you allot enough time to get as much reading done as you want before sleeping.
  • Read for only 15-30 minutes. It doesn’t take much before your brain becomes tired enough that you won’t be able to keep your eyes open for much longer.
  • Pick a book that you’ll enjoy. You don’t have to pick the most boring, droning book out there to help you fall asleep faster. Reading your favorite novel can be just as satisfying (if not more satisfying) as reading a less exciting book will be.

Take the time, curl up with some tea, and read a good book; you just might be able to sleep soundly again!